• sweet-cakes bakers deny lesbian cake via canonclast

    Small time bakers fined 135K for ‘being Christian’ and refusing to bake cake for lesbians

    What is the price of marriage equality? Apparently 135k.  If you’re Christian. The Kleins, owners of mom and pop bakery, “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” have just been slapped with a 135k fine after they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple back in 2013. In unprecedented fashion, the Oregon Bureau of Labor ... ...

  • oliver stone snowden via canonclast

    First trailer declassified for Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nicolas Cage [VIDEO]

    Director Oliver Stone is behind another political thriller. Shot earlier this year, “Snowden” narrows in on the events surrounding Edward Snowden who stands as the biggest whistleblower of the 21st century. Snowden is a former CIA employee and government contractor who revealing classified national security secrets to the press regarding the NSA’s secret spying program on Americans and even ... ...

  • HIllary Clinton Elizabeth Warren Nancy Pelosii

    #Askhillary Do women fight nastier than men? Top democrats Clinton, Pelosi escalate internal war against Warren

    Leave no survivors. Appears to be the motto of the left’s top brass.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is looking to send a clear message that she, and not populist Senator Elizabeth Warren, is the voice of the left. As Obama sits in office during his lame duck session, the left’s ferocious women are laying their ... ...

  • carlos slim fires donald trump via canonclast

    #OWNED: Donald Trump gets fired by richest man in the world, a Mexican

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been under fire recently for his disparaging remarks against Mexicans. As a result of Trump’s comments, NBC removed Trump’s “Miss USA” from their programming following in the footsteps of Spanish-language broadcaster Univision, who said it would not air the “Miss USA” pageant. The latest development comes as a television company ... ...

  • donald trump president on immigrants

    Donald Trump has lost his head

    At one point, Donald Trump had a serious chance at calling the White House home. Donald Trump is a loud one. Everyone knows it, but that’s not his problem. NBC has followed in Univision’s footsteps and ended its long and lucrative relationship with Trump in the wake of his recent comments about Mexican immigrants. This is not a question of optics, nor is it ... ...



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  • Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing on Benghazi in Washington, DC
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