EXCLUSIVE: Previously unseen photos of stunning supermodel Melissa Bolona (Photos)

Melissa was born in Greenwich, CT, grew up in NJ and spent a period of middle school living in Lima Peru. Her father is Peruvian, and grandmother Cuban. Melissa studied abroad at The American Business School in Paris and graduated earlier this year from Pace University in New York with a Degree in International Marketing.

She studied acting at Film Acting Paris and currently studies in New York with renowned acting coach Harold Guskin.  

During her last year of studies at Pace University, Melissa was shot by Yu Tsai one of the world’s leading fashion photographers and selected to represent Gents, a new men’s luxury brand, as their spokes-model. Melissa, represented by Wilhelmina Models in New York, currently stars in the national advertising campaign for Gents alongside male supermodels Adam Senn, Chad White and Kevin Sampaio.

Represented by Mosaic Entertainment in LA, Melissa had her acting debut in the new TV series The Saint; which she filmed in January 2013, airing this fall on a national TV network, and filmed her first movie role in “The Ten” due for release this coming Christmas season. More recently Melissa has shot movie roles with Dawn Olivieri and Wilmer Valderrama in “To Whom it May Concern” and in “Overtown”directed by Cess Silvera.

Melissa’s goal is to become a successful figure in fashion, acting and entertainment and to help children and animals along the way.

Melissa lives in Manhattan NYC, and West Hollywood Los Angeles and travels extensively for work. She has four small dogs, was a guest blogger earlier this year for Vanity Fair and was featured in the Vanity Fair 2013 Hollywood edition as “Who’s that Girl?”



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