Ring of fire: Marco Rubio slams Paul Ryan’s hypocrisy, loser ways (Video)

Marco Rubio, Politics  /   /  By Mindy Astoria

Senator Marco Rubio slammed Rep. Paul Ryan for his criticism against him.  Ryan had earlier stated that Rubio had not read the full details of the deal that was passed.  Rubio fired back noting that not only had he read the deal, but that he knew “full well” the details he thought disastrous for a country with a debt crisis.

Sen. Rubio appeared on CBS This Morning on Friday and expanded on his objections to the budget deal negotiated between Ryan and Senator Patty Murray that was praised by establishment Republicans.

Rubio noted that, while he had “respect for Chairman Ryan… I was simply asked by opinion” on the budget and found it “unsustainable.” He also addressed host Charlie Rose’s concern that not negotiating now would lead to another government shutdown, or perhaps a series of them.

“I don’t think we want to see another government shutdown,” he assured the host, but noted that the nation needed to avoid a major debt crisis, “which is the ultimate government shutdown.”

He also gave Republicans credit for negotiating with Democrats at all, who “seem to have no urgency” in solving the debt problem.

Rubio also shocked Rose and co-anchor Norah O’Donnell by simply noting that “compromise just for the sake of compromise just so we can feel good about each other is not good for the country.”

The anchors asked him if the disagreements in the Republican Party were unhealthy for the greater GOP; Rubio noted that he was even “surprised that you are surprised,” as he believes compromise should only result in moves forward for the country.

As for Rep. Ryan’s quip that Sen. Rubio should “read the deal and get back to me,” Sen. Rubio noted both that he had read it and highlighted what he specifically objected to in the bill. “I knew full well all the details of the important parts that were in it,” he replied, because “they were leaked in advance.”

He noted two issues he had with the bill: the breaking of previously installed budget gaps that allow spending to skyrocket over time, and the cutting back on administrative rules that “will make it easier for Democrats to come back to Congress and raise taxes.”

Ultimately, Sen. Rubio noted, the budget debate is a net positive for the country. “There’s a vibrant debate in our country about how we will keep our spending under control,” he stated, arguing that is a good thing.

Sen. Rubio spent much of the week detailing his objections to the budget bill over the cheers of House Speaker Boehner and the aforementioned Rep. Paul.

In his response to Rep. Ryan, Sen. Rubio made it clear that he had had enough of establishment RINO’s like John McCain, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Paul Ryan who could not stop losing and caving to leftist bullying.

Watch a portion of the segment below.